We can help you with your Document Management needs!!! Site Directory. Written by Ken Kramer. Posted in Blog.

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We can help you with your Document Management needs!!! Site Directory. Written by Ken Kramer. Posted in Blog. If you depend on complex spool file data to generate your business documents, such as invoices, purchases orders, bills of lading, etc. There are ways that you can work with the spool file output without hand coding and tedious development effort.

The solution can easily and intelligently sort, burst, re-bundle and deliver spool content to any defined target: email address, fax address, Printer Output Queue, the IFS, or any mapped or cloud drive in a PDF format. SmartRouter can include any combination of DB2 data, external spool file attributes, internal spool file content and targets for accurate implementation of unique or complex output requirements.

Conditional spool file mapping can easily determine where on the page to include that data. Or simply add text to the iSeries spool file, that can be used as a trigger or mapped and printed. The spool data output is long and you only need a portion of that data for your business document. Instead of printing and sending unnecessarily large business documents, reduce the output on the page through useful prompts to quickly define custom conditions.

Split out, process, regroup and distribute individual pages of a spool file in order to expedite delivery of business forms, reports and other documents.

PDF documents are intelligent text, so all text is searchable. You can even turn spool file data into html, Text, or ZIP formats. Documents can be burst, sorted collated and routed to email recipients or posted to a storage location for web access. Tags: excel , iseries , management , pdf , reports , spool file.

We make your data do the heavy lifting… How can PSIcapture help me? Leave a comment. Submit Comment.


AS400 Spool Files: Cracking the Code

Spooling is a system function that saves data in a spooled file or printer output file for later processing or printing. When spooling is used, the spooled files are created from the application program, from a system program, or by pressing the Print key. The spooling function enables users to efficiently manage the input and output operations of the user data to be printed in the multiple-users environment. The spooled files are saved in an output queue and hold output data until it can be printed by the printer device.


Take the work out of managing IBM i spool files

View, print, download and delete reports from a computer or tablet device using a browser. Output queues and spool files are displayed as lists in a web page simplifying the selection and viewing of reports. A few mouse clicks will accomplish most tasks and you don't need to know the IBM i queue and spool commands. You can search for output queues or spool files by creating filters. For example, search for output queues by queue name and library and search for spool files using combinations of search criteria such as user, job, output queue, date range etc. Filters speed up finding what you are looking for by reducing the list of queues or spool files. Saving filters makes it quicker and easier to rerun frequently used filters as you do not have to define the search criteria every time.





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