He left France in , traveled throughout Europe, and returned to Paris at the outbreak of the Revolution in He quickly became an ardent democrat and a member of the Jacobin Club. He became a naturalized French citizen and in September was elected to the National Convention. The Convention backed his call for a revolutionary crusade, and France already at war with Austria and Prussia was soon at war with most of the European powers. Article Media. Info Print Cite.

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His father placed him in the military academy of Berlin , but he withdrew at the age of twenty and travelled through Europe, preaching his revolutionary philosophy and spending his money as a man of pleasure.

On the breaking out of the Revolution, Cloots returned in to Paris, thinking the opportunity favorable for establishing his dream of a universal family of nations. On 19 June he appeared at the bar of the National Constituent Assembly at the head of thirty-six foreigners, and, in the name of this embassy of the human race, declared that the world adhered to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

In he placed 12, livres at the disposal of the French Republic for the arming of forty or fifty fighters in the cause of man against tyranny see French Revolutionary Wars. After the riots of 10 August he became an even more prominent supporter of new ideas, and declared himself "the personal enemy of Jesus Christ", [3] abjuring all revealed religions.

In the same month he had the rights of French citizenship conferred on him; and, having in September been elected a member of the National Convention , he voted in favor of capital punishment for King Louis XVI , justifying it in the name of the human race, and was an active partisan of the war of propaganda. Excluded at the insistence of Maximilien Robespierre from the Jacobin Club , he remained a foreigner in many eyes. Although his innocence was manifest, he was condemned and subsequently guillotined on 24 March Cloots was an original political thinker who crafted his own interpretation of the meaning of the French Revolution.

He was a proponent of the world state, and he sought to promote a more broad-minded and internationalist understanding of the Revolution's potential. He imagined the institutions of the world state along the lines of those of the French Revolutionary Republic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See p. Anacharsis Clootz, a wealthy Prussian nobleman, who had left France in vowing never to return until the Bastille had fallen. French Revolution. Significant civil and political events by year. What Is the Third Estate? Peace of Basel. Treaty of Amiens 25 Mar Charles-Alexandre Linois.

William V, Prince of Orange. Alexander Korsakov Alexander Suvorov. Luis Firmin de Carvajal Antonio Ricardos. Other significant figures and factions. Feuillants and monarchiens. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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Originally born into the Prussian nobility, Cloots spent most of his early life backpacking through traveling Europe, spending his family's money. In , he moved permanently to France and became a naturalized citizen, renounced his titles, and spent the rest of his life embroiled in revolutionary politics before being used as a scapegoat and guillotined by the same revolutionaries. His life reads like almost exactly like that of a modern upper-middle class anarcho-syndicalist, only before Marx , and in an era when neither atheism nor anarchism was a "safe" opinion to hold. Although he was primarily known for his fiery speeches, Cloots was also an accomplished pamphleteer. Cloots was infamous in France for his outspoken antitheism.


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