Works Title Sources " beyond haymarket? Silver Il capitalismo in un contesto ostile : faide, lotta di classe, migrazioni nella Calabria tra Otto e Novecento Chaos and governance in the modern world system. Selected Co-authors Saul, John S. Countries and Regions of Publication 14 View the list below for more details. Map View :. Low High.

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Adam Smith non abita a Pechino. Ma in Slovenia si. Find this Pin and more on Cultura by Sergio Mauri. Continental Philosophy. Film Theory. Great Philosophers. Noam Chomsky. Cultural Studies.

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Lettera aperta al procuratore di Palermo dott. Francesco Messineo. Peter Gomez: La fabbrica del consenso. La pandemia come pretesto contro la scuola pubblica.



In the late eighteenth century, the political economist Adam Smith predicted an eventual equalization of power between the West and the territories it had conquered. In this magisterial new work, Giovanni Arrighi shows how China's extraordinary rise invites us to reassess radically the conventional reading of The Wealth of Nations. China may soon become again the kind of noncapitalist market economy that Smith described, an event that will reconfigure world trade and the global balance of power. Together they constitute a stunning work of world history with theoretical and political intent whose intellectual roots lie in a mix of radical historiographical traditions. Arrighi argues his case in great detail — using an elaborate exegesis of The Wealth of Nations , which will send many readers back to that text in amazement. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Dismiss this message or find out more.

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