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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Abacus WorkSpace Training Manual. Dewi Fitriani. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, preparation of derivative works, performance, or display of this document, or software represented by this document, without the express written permission of Abacus Distribution Systems Hong Kong Ltd d is strictly prohibited Abacus Distribution Systems Hong Kong Ltd Unit , Tower 1 Millennium City 1 T Kwun Tong Road www.

Copyright reserved. After installation, Abacus WorkSpace icon will display on desktop as below. Note: you may require sign in twice. After double click the icon, system will prompt out a box which you can select Abacus WorkSpace or Whiz.

A Sign in box will appear. You may require entering your password. System will check and download the applicable apps to your Abacus WorkSpace at the 1st sign in. You will receive below prompt message: You can input your new passcode and confirm new password. The host sign in password will be updated at the same time. You can continue your work.

If any updates, system will auto download. After downloaded, system will require users to restart for update AWS. Please sign in with your current sign in code and password to access Abacus Workspace. You will be signed into the Abacus system and your passcode will be changed. See the Sign-In Mask below to become familiar with the fields. You can use all entries in command view to finish the booking as well. You may use tool tips for review the position of short cut. Moreover, air result table capability that quickly enables to you to not only search by current date but also provide more date and return flight availability Return Flight You can see more availability For more Flights Abacus Distribution Systems HK Ltd.

The draft will store into Email proposal. You can shop all selection, then select the best options and send to your customer. Tick the selected flight 1. You may review or open messages which you saved in email proposal.

Step 1: You can click Email Proposal for review the messages. Step 2: Email proposal panel will prompt out. You can select drafts or sent massage. Air Shopping A Powerful Shopping Tool for you easily searches the lowest fare with availability checking. Flight information destinations, travel date, carriers etc. Option selected will display 7 days availability in Calendar View. Number of passenger 5. The lowest fare will be displayed according to departure date and return date with availability search.

Lowest fare search capability that quickly enables you to not only present customers the best fare options but also provide details with a single glance. Example: In the below example, you may easily found out the fare departure on 18Mar and return on 25Mar is lower than the original selected date. Moreover, you can email the below flight information or fare details to your customer. You can click the rule number, system will display specify rules.

PNR can be validated at both graphical view and professional view. You can input Pax Name, ticketing field, Phone field and received field with command entry. Besides host command, we also provide hotel reservation in Graphical View.

Hotel interactive view will open. Besides host command, we also provide car reservation in Graphical View. Moreover, it is no any command required. There are 2 ways to go to VirtuallyThere Panel a. Choose email content. Itinerary — sent a hyperlink through email. Pax check the itinerary on VirtuallyThere website.

Pax can check the eticket on VirtuallyThere website. Embedded eTicket — email content is eTicket f. You can hide booking classes or fare details e. Email address 5. We provide 20 languages to choose 6. Sender name and email address 7.

You can change the subject line. If no input, the subject line will follow the default setting in Trip Connect 8. You can use company logo as bookmark or VT heading. Customers can view the selected itinerary especially their phone device offline. You can fill in all traveler info and press enter. It will automatically converted into entries and reflected in the Host screen. You can use Abacus hotel property code to get city code, hotel name, address, phone and fax number more easily.

Step 1: Script menu will open. Please refer to below for the screen shot of individual scripts: Air You may enter the carrier code or select from the drop down list.

You can find Whiz popular mask and power suite red app in AWS. They can assist you at work in different parts. The workflow is same as Whiz mask. Now, it supports reissuance from MCO and one page design.

You can view all items more clearly. You may customize your user profile in email setting. Consultant name, Office operation hour, agency address and remarks. ETPIR will show pre-reserved seat. You may upload your logo and edit the itinerary with new tools.

New Enhancement a. Editing Tools Editing tools include cutting, copy, paste, undo and redo. You may not require inputting agency address in ITIN setting. It is also fulfil the Secure Flight requirement on collecting passenger names without titles and honorifics. The functionalities is same as Whiz version. Agents can create multiple lines of remarks. It shortens PNR creation or modification process with this productivity app for users with huge numbers of remarks information Step 1: Copy text Step 2: Double click the box and all copied text will auto paste.

Click when completed. Ticketing Ticketing Red app is used for issuing ticket and is located under Red app Click on c to open this app. Select Passenger name 2. Select fare type 3. Select Form of payment 6. Input tour code if any 7. Endorsement box 8. It provides a faster and user friendly way to create PNR. Block mode is more user-friendly to copy schedule for customer. You can start to enter the entry in command view.

You can select the quick key and input the label. You can retrieve seat map of every carrier in itinerary with a single command. When you click a seat number, the seat will be reserved. You can customize the screen setting according to your preference. Screen View Setting Screen View setting is used for single working area only. The setting apply on current working area.


Abacus Software Commands

NAME 2. PHONE 1. Tkt for more than 1 pax. Avoid unnecessary selling or fishing. Please refer to the airline policy for reconfirmation and name change. Your booking will not confirm unless you get the airline Pnr. SSR field codes.


abacus ticketing commands


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