The King James Bible is the most printed book in the history of the world, and it is our most popular facsimile reproduction. To commemorate the th Anniversary of this masterpiece, we offer these exact page-for-page photographic duplicates of the originial King James Bible in 3 different bound editions, as detailed below. Prepare to be shocked! We are the only company producing faithful, complete, photographic facsimiles of the original King James Bible.

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Work on this English translation began in and was completed in All of these scholars were members of the Church of England CoE. However, this does not reduce the pleasure of reading the original and ancient texts! However, before the download completes, if you scroll up or down, during this time, the page WILL look a bit weird. Wait till it downloads and all will be OK.

If you do not see the book on this page it is probably because Google Docs has not loaded it. Please either refresh the page or change the page number and it should start to work. Index of the book please forgive any unreadable bits: this index is computer generated from ancient texts :. What you speak today is called contemporary modern english, which is a dumbed down form of the original English you just mislabeled as old english.

Can you csscpsg? Thats lvl 29 english. Hes simply asking for a version that hasnt been tampered with like everything else has……he wasnt trying to sound clever or smart he asked a question as he is learning himself one would guess…….

Have you ever syntaxed lords prayer or the bible yet? Using csscpsg? Parts of speach? The tower of babel? Adverb verb? I totally agree with your note that the Bible is modern English though it is not contemporary. I have a replica photo copied from an original that is beautiful and humongous.

Not my daily reader, I use a more modern KJV not the nkjv. Many Bibles out there say they are replicas but they have changed the spelling, and letter style. I would only buy if the seller has a way for you to flip through and examine the pages for yourself.

It is becoming more difficult to find the original version 1st of the King James Series of the Bible that the real black King James authorized. I use the version right now on-line to reference my studies along with my Hebrew Israelite brothers and sisters with the Apocrypha.

The Apocrapha, has in its readings all that is explained to,further understand the lives of the people that is named in the body of the original Bible. This is why so many people return to the Torah and the Tanach as well due to the tampering of the Bible that was Translated from most likely the Abraic form of Hebrew the Greeks, forced the Hebrew Israelites to speak after being conquered and were forbidden to speak their true Hebrew language.

Much was lost in the translation from the true ancient Hebrew language to the Abraic form to the old English version. I had to purchase a separate version of the 1st Ethiopian version of the Apocrypha. I will post for you once I find it. The Apocrypha are still in every Catholic Bible.

The King James is not a Catholic Bible. It was translated by the Church of England. One Day satan will secede. Because there is no doubt before all is said and done, it will be against the law to even own a King James! An on that day, it will truly be the sadist day in our history, since the day they crucified Our Saviour on that Cross!

A sad day indeed! An keep You! I agree with your comment. The catholic church has tried to destroy the word of GOD from the moment they excited. King James went to extreme precautions to keep the Jesuits and false teachers away from the translators. Please keep the K. J bible original. Much of the King James ultimately came from a hurried and error-filled text prepared by a Catholic named Erasmus. I currently study on line with Israelites united in Christ. Also I follow the watchmen reports.

I live in Milwaukee and I can no longer study with Christianity but having a hard time finding a study group in my area, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I wanted to share some of the text I re-typed word for word from my Authorized King James Bible, along with some other important historical facts, which are worthy of the worlds recognition, recollection and contemplation. Allow me to share a gift which is with me, and which I AM giving you free of charge.

Dioec, lib, ix. Prati, Pontifical laws moreover become obligatory without being accepted or confirmed by secular rulers. See: Syllabus, prop. See: Elements of Ecclesiastical Law, Vol. I So could this be shown. The Pope is the ultimate owner of everything in the World. See: Treaty of , Papal Bull of and And…. To that purpose there were many chosen, that where greater in other mens eyes then in their owne, and that sought the truth rather then their owne praise.

Both we have learned the Hebrew tongue in part, and in thee Latine wee have beene exercised almost from our verie cradle. In the trust of their own knowledge or of their own sharpeness of wit, or deepeness of judgment, as it were in an arme of flesh? At no hand. They trusted in him that hath the key of David, opening and no man shutting ; they prayed to the Lord the Father of our Lord, to the effect that S. Augustine did; O let thy Scriptures be my pure delight, let me not be decieved in them, neither let me decieve by them.

In this confidence , and with this devotion did they assemble together; not too many, lest one should trouble another; and yet many, left many things haply might escape them.

If you aske what they had before them, truely it was the Hebrew text of the olde Testament, the Greeke of the new. These are the two golden pipes, or rather conduits, where-through the olive branches emptie themselves into the golde. Saint Augustine calleth them precedent, or original tongues; Saint Heirome, fountaines.

And call they this an uniforme tenour of text and judgement a-bout the text, so many of their worthies disclaiming the now recieved conceit? Nay, we wil yet come nearer the quicke: doth not their Paris-edition differ from the Louaine, and Hentenius his from them both, and yet all of them allowed by authoritie?

Nay, doeth not Sixtus Quintus confess, that certain Catholikes he meaneth certaine of his owne side were in such an humor of translating the Scriptures into latine, that Satan taking occasion by them, though they thaught of no such matter, did strive what he Nay furtyher, did not the same Sixtus ordaine by an inviolable decree, and that with the counsell and consent of his Cardinals, that the Latine edition of the olde and new Testament, which the Council of Trent would have to be authenticke, is the same without controverie which he then set forth, being diligently corrected and printed in the printing house of Vatican?

Thus Sixtus in his Preface before his Bible. And yet Clement the eight his emmediate successor, publisheth another edition of the Bible, containing in it in-finite differences from that of Sixtus, and many of them waightie and materiall and yet this must be authentike by all means. You have to understand that all slavery and freedom originates in the mind.

When your mind allows you to accept and understand that the United States, Great Britain and the Vatican are a trinity of corporations, or a triangle slave Trade, which are nothing but fictional entities, that have been placed into your mind. You will understand that your slavery was because you believed a lie.

This work has been done to wake you in the light of reality, in lieu of the long slumber and lifetime of darkness which all have heretofore been living in. King John — is best remembered for granting Magna Carta in June , although he sought its annulment almost immediately. His reign was marked by a string of unsuccessful military campaigns, a prolonged struggle with the Church and the baronial rebellion which led to Magna Carta. John used this income to fund his expensive wars in France, but still he failed to hold together the empire created by his John was an efficient and able administrator, but he was also unpredictable and aggressive.

He disregarded justice when dealing with opponents, regularly taking hostages and imposing ruthless punishments. His conflict with the Church led to his excommunication. The present letter is the solemn confirmation of these acts, issued by Innocent III on 21 April Magna Carta, forcing the rebel barons to devise means by which they could, in theory, prevent John from obtaining papal annulment of the settlement agreed at Runnymede.

He bases his assertion on the idea that papal office was conferred onto Peter by Christ and then passed on to his successors. In those days, the Church had financial and moral support from the people who believed the priest could save them from hell. And so the kings had no choice but to submit. The Unam Sanctam was never effectively rebutted and stands as law today simply because the people have not rebutted it.

The Unam Sanctam provides the foundation for several other papal decrees that have resulted in the Vatican legally owning the world; yes, literally. Together, the , , and bulls form the justification for the Doctrine of Discovery and the global slave trade.

Vatican explorers were encouraged to take over indigenous lands and enslave the people. To this day, inhabitants of the Continental United States are considered legal fictions, as represented by our all capitalized name i. Our Imperative So as you see, we the people of the United States of America absolutely MUST know who we are and assert ourselves under a constitution and form of law that reflects our status as living, conscious physical and spiritual beings, joint heirs of creation.

In doing so, we will show the Vatican and Papal authority to be null and void. And… With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. Our King said through the profits of old in the divine scripture that his people where ordained to be free and that while we are in the world we are to be no part of the world.

The Almighty has now sent me to testify to you that the day of redemption is near and He is coming and we His saints are coming with him.


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Work on this English translation began in and was completed in All of these scholars were members of the Church of England CoE. However, this does not reduce the pleasure of reading the original and ancient texts! However, before the download completes, if you scroll up or down, during this time, the page WILL look a bit weird.


The Original King James Bible 1611 PDF

Email to a Friend. Out of stock. These faithful and exact reproductions of the very first King James Pulpit Bible are indeed works of art and fine craftsmanship beyond compare. Each edition is " more than a facsimile, it is a masterpiece. The originals that were actually printed in were commissioned by King James I to be literally chained to the pulpit of every church in England. Now you can own a facsimile replica of that exact same bible. The King James Bible is the only book in the world that can claim one billion copies in print.

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