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This upgrade, which is being brought forward well ahead of capacity demand, will help ensure the Port of Brisbane continues to meet the needs of industry and customers as trade grows.

The Lucinda Drive Bridge Beam Placement set a new record for the longest pre-stressed girders ever placed in Queensland. Universal Cranes achieved a lift engineering feat in the placement of the record length components, with the longest span measuring approximately 46 metres. With the overall bridge span at metres, constructing a pier in the region was not viable due to buried services and major Energex power lines responsible for supplying the entire port area.

Thus, a new type of beam was developed by Quickcell Technology Products and Arup. QSGs can reach spans longer than the traditional Super T girders currently preferred by road authorities across Australia, which can be built to a span of up to approximately 36 metres.

The QSG design reached an impressive 46 metres in length providing a solution to a major project risk of underground utilities, specifically a major Energex power line responsible for supplying the entire port area.

Universal Cranes closely collaborated with Seymour Whyte, ALE and the Port of Brisbane to ensure this complex job was completed within the time constraints and budget.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was the months of logistical planning required, including detailed lift studies and sequencing. One of the spans Span 2 had to be erected over a section of Queensland Rail, which required a partial closure of the rail lines over a weekend period.

Execution of the lift had to be as efficient as possible to avoid any delays to meet the limitations of the closures. The lifts were meticulously planned to meet the tight time schedule using the M to stockpile the beams onsite and then install the girders efficiently during the closure shift.

The Model has a maximum capacity of tonnes and can accommodate up to 96 metres of main boom. Up to For the job, Universal Cranes configured the with 54 metres of main boom and tonnes of counterweight, including the MAX-ER attachment. The Universal Cranes scope included:. Congratulations to Universal Cranes! Thanks for the notifications! Good job. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Manitowoc M16000 - 400t Crawler Crane with MaxER for hire



Used Manitowoc cranes in Singapore


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