L'intera trilogia e tutti i libri a seguire sono pubblicati dalla Mondadori. Riprendendo le tracce del Mondo Emerso, sempre nel furono dati alle stampe Le creature del Mondo Emerso , un libro illustrato in collaborazione con Paolo Barbieri [16] e il 18 novembre il primo libro della nuova saga Le leggende del Mondo Emerso : Il destino di Adhara , [17] Il 26 aprile viene pubblicato L'albero di Idhunn , secondo volume della saga La ragazza drago , Nel sono pubblicate La paura e La rabbia , trasposizione a fumetti delle Cronache, e quella delle Guerre in un unico volume il 9 giugno. Ad agosto le stime parlano di tre milioni di copie vendute in tutto il mondo. Cronache del Mondo Emerso - Le nuove avventure di Nihal a fumetti:. Cronache del Mondo Emerso - Il viaggio di Nihal a fumetti:.

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XS is a new digital series from Mondadori of short texts by great authors , available exclusively in the ebook format. A new, fast and direct way to read. New or preview content, fiction and non-fiction, by the best known and most appreciated authors, offering the reading public a guarantee of excellent quality.

A small challenge for the ebook market: while there is no shortage of short books out there, the XS Mondadori series is characterised by the choice of authors, stories or subjects, and aims to become a sort of think tank , suggesting new ways of seeing, reading and dealing with reality.

Most of the texts are previously unpublished , but there will also be little known works or preview passages from forthcoming books. The six launch titles in the series are a mix of these different approaches: two new works Con Picasso incasso by Francesco Bonami and Ultime notizie dalla fine del mondo by Roberto Giacobbo , two that previously appeared in Nuovi Argomenti Pastiche proustiano in salsa biancoceleste by Alessandro Piperno and Una suora siciliana by Dacia Maraini and two teasers for upcoming titles E adesso facciamo il cinematografo!

Low, really low prices: from 0. Available from all major e-book stores. Francesco Bonami Con Picasso incasso The irreverent art critic explains the sensational, commercial and public success of Pablo Picasso. Roberto Giacobbo Ultime notizie dalla fine del mondo The author of the best-selling — la fine del mondo brings us up to date with the latest news about a date that gets closer and closer, and tells us how not to be afraid.

Alessandro Piperno Pastiche proustiano in salsa biancoceleste The tragicomic misadventures of a Lazio fan in Rome. From Proust to Cragnotti, the story of an obsession with hilarious moments and surprising reflections.

Dacia Maraini Una suora siciliana An impossible encounter between two women of different ages, in a Sicily caught between nostalgia for the past and hope for the future. Francesco Rosi with Giuseppe Tornatore E adesso facciamo il cinematografo A preview of the book Io lo chiamo cinematografo. Extracts from the biography of a great film director, with never before published stories, such as his first time at the Venice Film Festival.

Licia Troisi Nascita di una ribelle The magical story of Eshar, set in the fantasy world of the I regni di Nashira saga the second volume of which is due out in November. Home Media Social media Social media room Media gallery Press kit News and press releases XS author extras A new digital-only series from Mondadori.





XS author extras A new digital-only series from Mondadori


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