This site is a tribute to the man who changed my life forever with his training, and made a difference to thousands of us who market and help customers on the internet. My thoughts and condolences go out to Tracy and the entire staff at IMC.. Corey showed us how to do it, at remembercorey. He was a class act. It was following Corey's training that helped me establish my trading sites back in , and Corey was a pioneer who taught thousands of others how to build successful online businesses as well.

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Overview - Concepts to Understand pages to Your Website - The Key to Success pages to How to Make Money with Banner Advertising pages to The Right Way to use Autoresponders pages to Newsletters - The Underestimated Marketing Tool pages to Distributing Free Information and Free Articles pages to Marketing Through Online Services i.

Marketing To Newsgroups UseNet … pages to The Hottest Products and Services… pages to Your decision to purchase this course may be one of the smartest moves you've ever made! This book delivers on every promise I've made in my advertising. Initially, I did everything in this course on my own and I ran all of my businesses personally. But because sales grew so much, I first had to hire a secretary who came in a couple of hours per day to handle the administrative work, then later growing to an office of over 3 employees and now an office of over 20 staff members.

This is why I often use the plural when talking about what I do. I come up with ideas and know what I want done, and my employees complete tasks like placing ads, testing banners, surfing the net and tracking orders.

This makes it easier for me to use my time efficiently so I can spend it where money can be made. Whether that means developing new ideas, testing ads, writing copy or exploring new marketing methods, I do it all, and you can too! There will be many, and I mean many, tips in all the sections that apply to everyone.

You will benefit more if you study this course lesson by lesson from beginning to end rather than hopping from one section to another. In this course, you will discover the most advanced ideas, tricks and techniques of on-line marketing used by the top people in the field. And you will soon discover how your business can be one of the very few successful companies on the Internet as well. What I mean by that is that not one sale comes from conventional magazines, newspapers or direct mail advertising in three of my successful business ventures.

And I now make more money in a single day than I used to in an entire month! The bottom line when it comes to online marketing… I know my stuff! Can you imagine owning a retail store where over 6 million people come through your doors every year? This shows how powerful the Internet can be. And I am going show you step-by-step how to create your own successful business online.

This is for real, and not just a promise from someone who claims to be making gobs of money online without providing evidence. I do, and have proven it.

They can show you how to generate these figures in sales, but stop and ask yourself how much of that is net profit? Quite frankly, I am as angry as I have ever been about anything.

I get calls everyday from clients and subscribers who have been burned by fast-buck artists selling hype and saying how easy it is to make big money in electronic marketing.

In fact, electronic marketing can be the fastest way to lose a lot of money quickly. People put up websites, do some advertising and expect the profits to roll in; only to lose their investment later. I can help you avoid that fate if you apply the advice I am providing you within this course. You could get this information elsewhere, but with great difficulty and at an outrageous cost. When I write, it is in a no-nonsense, straight forward, and highly enthusiastic manner.

You see, I actually practice what I teach and you will see that throughout this course. I have owned several companies since the age of 16, I sold 2 of them when I was All of this knowledge is now yours! All you have to do is read on. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical without permission in writing from the publisher.

The contents of this book reflect the author's views acquired through his experience in the field under discussion. The author is not engaged in rendering any legal professional service.

The services of a professional person are recommended if legal advice or assistance is needed. The publisher or author disclaims any personal loss or liability caused by utilization of any information presented herein. We decided to use a ring binder design for this course to make it easier for you to move information around, as well as making it into a custom reference guide for later. We also incorporated large margins on the edges to jot down ideas.

Actually, this is critical in making the course a valuable tool for later when you are busy running your online businesses. This may seem obvious, but let me tell you, this approach works.

If you stay focused and jot down ideas as you go, they will all come together and you will have a great marketing campaign in the end. I cannot stress this enough… it works! You will notice that throughout the course we recommend certain companies … for questions you may have, or services you may need. Because the Internet changes so fast, we sometimes change companies we are dealing with in order to get better service, a better value, or better price.

If we publish someone's URL or email address in the manual you would not know that we were now recommending a different company. This is why you will see us sending you to a URL at our site … which will forward you to the company we are currently using for that service you need, or the question you are asking.

We learned to do this after a few incidents happened. For example, one person we were dealing with tripled their prices overnight and because we published their URL our customers had no way of knowing that we stopped using them and started doing business with someone else. And we know that you are getting our best and most current recommendation. I am sure you get the picture … I just didn't want you to get confused as to why we were sending you to URLs at our site, but recommending another company's name.

But it is very easy to earn a substantial six-figure income from your home or office computer with an online business. This will become overwhelmingly evident as you get into the first 50 pages of this course. Just follow my lead and I will take you through everything you need to know to be a success on the Internet.

As a successful online entrepreneur, I can guarantee you the promises a lot of fast-buck sleaze-balls are making are completely worthless.

It is, in fact, harder to get someone to buy on the Internet than in a normal business environment. There are ways to reach bona fide buyers and make some serious money using electronic marketing. I have personally spoken with most of the biggest names in electronic marketing today, and frankly their track records are pathetic. Most of them sell very little if anything online themselves.

The best advice I can give you is to learn as much as you can and stay up to date on new developments in the computer industry. Less than a year ago I would have never been able to keep up the sales if I had to process them manually. But the programs and new technologies that have since become available for automating my business not only make my companies much more profitable, but a breeze to run as well.

Plan on setting everything up to be automated right from the beginning and let your computer do the bulk of the work for you. Why do the work when a computer can do it for you? This program will also check for changes in their sites and notify me so I can inspect new marketing directions to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Can you image how powerful this is? Bad news travels fast and good news never travels and this gives you a chance to monitor and immediately respond to any critics or competition that might pop up. All these programs reduce my workload and give me more leisure time to race my car and do the other things I love to do, but they are not complex programs. You will see mention of where to get programs like these throughout this course. Once you have these contacts, you will never believe how you did business without them!

This is true, and I will tell you right now you can make a million dollars on the internet heck, I have! It is a lot of hard work at first. The secret is to set your business up to run by itself so you can concentrate on marketing instead. Once you have the market saturated, you can start another business online and make it hands-free as well.

This will provide you with multiple streams of income to fall back on if there is a shift in the industry and one of the businesses doesn't do well. Once you put in the hard work to get a couple of businesses making money, you can take more time off and enjoy life, which is what this course is all about. You will pay the price by working very hard long hours at first… but the pay-off can be huge.

I do most of my business while travelling. I could be in L. I can run my businesses from practically anywhere, and all that is required is a laptop and a telephone line. If you really look at the Internet profile, it represents an almost perfect market.

Most of the users are educated and can at least afford line charges and a computer, so they have a measure of disposable income to buy what you are selling. There are only four basic types of companies doing business with any impact in cyberspace today:. And they are probably often correct in approaching the net this way. The ones that do promote online prefer to purchase banner advertising on high traffic sites; a tactic that.

The companies referred to here are the electronic cowboys like Yahoo the search engine , Netscape the browser and Netcom the ISP. These companies took a very different approach to business on the net hoping it would pay big dividends in the end.

Many failed, but a few succeeded and grew to enormous size, such as the ones listed above. They lost a lot of money with no revenue stream in the beginning, but once the internet grew, they could charge big dollars for advertising on sites with as many as 15 million hits every day.


Corey Rudl

Overview - Concepts to Understand pages to Your Website - The Key to Success pages to How to Make Money with Banner Advertising pages to The Right Way to use Autoresponders pages to Newsletters - The Underestimated Marketing Tool pages to Distributing Free Information and Free Articles pages to


Corey Rudl - Internet Marketing Course (624 pages).pdf

An internationally sought-after Internet business consultant and speaker, Corey focuses his energy on the research and development of practical, cost-effective Internet marketing strategies and software for the small and homebased business owner. Latest Video Start A Business. Corey Rudl Follow. Put these proven strategies to work for your e-commerce operation.


Buy these online marketing course and become a internet marketing expert today. Specifically, they usually just setup a basic website, run ads, and consider their work done. While websites are still valuable assets for SEO, blogging, and getting content out there…. A sales funnel refers to a multi-step process that moves traffic from interested to investing. Awareness is all about using traffic to get your targeted audience to exactly what they are looking for.

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