Beseler 23c

A rack and pinion carriage elevation system provides exceptionally smooth magnification adjustments while the positive locking mechanism assures that magnification settings do not shift during the focus exposure. The modular design includes a number of system features. These features include more precise alignment of the negative and lens stages for greater optical performance, a tilting projection assembly for wall projections, a distortion correcting lens stage, a below the lens filter holder which accommodates variable contrast or special filters, and a smooth friction drive focus assembly which allows for left or right handed control.

Chromizing coating

Although this type of corrosion may sound detrimental and usually is , there are instances where this naturally occurring process is encouraged and used. Here we'll take a look at bimetallic corrosion in-depth. Chromizing is a type of metallurgical process that involves diffusion of a single or several elements within a base material.

Infix to postfix conversion examples

To evaluate expressions manually infix notation is helpful as it is easily understandable by the human brain. But infix expressions are hard to parse in a computer program hence it will be difficult to evaluate expressions using infix notation. To reduce the complexity of expression evaluation Prefix or Postfix expressions are used in the computer programs.

Fidelio x1

Things picked up early last year when the company totally revamped its headphone lineup, and the Fidelio Series turned a lot of heads. Philips was in the big leagues and fully competitive with the majors. The luxurious look of the design appeals to a more adult crowd than any of the shiny plastic and bling-encrusted headphones crowding the market.