The Togakure Ryu teaches that violence is to be avoided. One of the special weapons of the Ryu is the kamayari hook spear. Originally designed for climbing up the sides of ships, it was also used when fighting against swordsmen. Sasuke used to jump from one tree to another by using a kamayari to hook onto a branch and then swing from one branch to another, just like a monkey. Another climbing device is the ippon sugi noburi single cedar climbing tool. This is a metal tube 25cm long, with three rows of spikes on the outside and a chain running through the middle, with a metal hook at each end.

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Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Join or log in to Facebook. Email or phone. Forgotten account? Sign Up. Kumogakure Ryu is a ninjutsu school. Not much is known of Kumogakure Ryu , but we do have several stories that are fun to hear. The scrolls Japanese history books mention a ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke, who came from the Kumogakure Ryu. It is said that he could use kamayari a hooked spear to swing from one branch to another through the trees, much like Tarzan did with vines.

The kamayari was a special weapon in Kumogakure Ryu. It was a large spear with a hook on the end. It was used to climb up the sides of ships. Once aboard the ship , it was used as a weapon. It was also used as a defense against swordsmen. Think of using the hook on the end of a long stick to trap a sharp sword and safely control where it goes. Hooks are handy things that can be used in many ways. They can be used to trip fleeing enemies, or to hook onto clothing.

Hooks can be lowered from the trees to pull things up. Or they can be used to swing from tree to tree, as did our friend, Sarutobi Sasuke. Kumogakure Ryu also used a climbing tool called the ippon sugi noburi. This was a metal tube with three rows of spikes on the outside, a metal chain through the middle, and a hook at each end. This was used like we would use a rope, or chain around a tree to pull ourselves up. It was also used as a weapon.

Light armor was worn to protect the arms and legs, but allow the person to move quickly and quietly. The ninja in Kumogakure Ryu often hid in trees, so the armor had to be very flexible and easy to climb in.

Kumogakure Ryu uses jumps a lot. As the man attacked, Takamatsu Sensei would jump away from him, sometimes up to eight feet. His opponent could never reach him, so eventually had to give up the fight. The ninja in Kumogakure Ryu liked to wear masks that looked like monsters when they fought.

This would inspire such terror in their opponents that sometimes they would turn and run. If this happened, the fight was over before it could begin. Kumogakure Ryu sounds quite fierce, but it was actually developed to avoid violence. If the ninja could stop a fight before it began by scaring away a superstitious enemy, they did. If they could hide in the trees and avoid a fight by not being seen, they would. Lifeskills Martial Arts.

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Kumogakure Ryu

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14th Grandmaster

Like Togakure Ryu , which was paired with Kumogakure Ryu by the Toda family in the 17th Century, it is a ninjutsu school of thinking. Both schools teach that violence can basically be avoided. You learn how to go with the flow so that you can achieve what is best for yourself. This is of course very similar, if not identical to Wing Chun Kung Fu. Despite the close feet, the Kumogakure is known for its great leaps during close combat.


Gyokushin ryu, and Kumogakure ryu?




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