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Forgot your login information? In: Encyclopedia of Global Religion. Subject: Global Religions. Doak, B. Enuma elish. Roof Eds. Doak, Brian R. Roof, Mark Juergensmeyer and Wade C. SAGE Knowledge. Have you created a personal profile? Login or create a profile so that you can create alerts and save clips, playlists, and searches.

Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. Although the historical and political circumstances under which the poem was composed are not entirely clear, many scholars date the Enuma Elish to the 12th century BCE under King Nebuchadnezzar I ca. Indeed, the exaltation of Marduk to the head of the pantheon in the Enuma Elish is thought to have direct political parallels in Babylonia at the time of its CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

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‘When On High’: The Ancient Akkadian Enuma Elish Creation Epic

In the middle of the nineteenth century, archaeologists were digging in the library of King Ashurbanipal B. They discovered thousands of clay tablets written in a language that came to be known as Akkadian a distant and much older cousin to Hebrew. These tablets contained things like laws, administrative matters, and literature. It was like unearthing a time capsule to see what life was like in the ancient Near East 3, to 4, years ago. But it was the religious texts found there that got the most attention. One of those texts bore striking similarities to Genesis 1.


Genesis 1 and a Babylonian Creation Story

As warlike nomadic herdsmen began to dominate in Mesopotamian culture, they imposed their mythologies on preexisting legends. Edited by Matthew A. A fragmentary copy written in the seventh century B. This epic is one of the most important sources for understanding the Babylonian worldview, centered on the supremacy of the god Marduk and the creation of humankind as the servants of the gods. One of its primary purposes seems to be the elevation of Marduk, the chief god of Babylon, above other older Mesopotamian deities.

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