The PX is a reliable means of routing audio to and from various sources without rewiring. Three different modes are user accessible to achieve normalled, half-normalled and thru operation. The PX features durable for rigorous life in the studio and on the road. If you own a Behringer audio patchbays and have a user manual in electronic form, you can upload it to this website using the link on the right side of the screen. The manual also provides troubleshooting for common problems. Even greater detail is provided by the service manual, which is not typically shipped with the product, but which can often be downloaded from Behringer service.

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Page Count: 7. Introduction 2. Patchbay Organization 2. Cautions 5. Audio Connections 6. User M anual. The PX 0 is a multi -func t ional balance d 48 -point. T able of C on tents. Thank you Important Safet y Instructions Legal Disclaimer Limited W arranty Int rodu ct ion Patchba y O rganization Cautio ns A udio Connections T erminals marked with this symbol carry.

Use only high-quality professional speaker cables with. This symbol, wher ever it appears,. Please r ead the manual. No user serviceable par ts inside. Refer ser vicing to. The appar atus shall not be exposed to dripping. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follo w all instruc tions. Do not use this apparatus near wat er.

Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventila tion openings. Install in. Do not install near any heat sourc es such as. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized.

A polariz ed plug has two blades. A grounding-type plug. The wide. Prot ec t the power cor d from being walked on or. Use only with the. When a cart. Unplug this apparatus during lightning st orms or. Ser vicing is required when the appar atus has been. T rident Chambers, W ickhams Cay , P. Box ,. A list of authorized r esellers can. If the product. All inquiries must be accompanied. It does not cover t echnical assistance for. This also applies to defects caused.

If the buyer. Such costs will. This limited w arranty is ex tended ex clusively to the. Subject only to the operation of mandatory applicable. In no ev ent shall the liability. This limited w arranty is the complete and exclusiv e. It supersedes. W arranty ser vice conditions are subject to change without.

F or the latest warranty terms and c onditions. Intr oduc tion. What ar e patc hbays f or? A patchbay allows you to patch. If you want to use you r. Patchba y Organiz ation. These jac ks ar e group ed in fou rs A and B f rom. Each c hannel has a s witch on th e top of the uni t that allows you to sele c t.

Connec t your audio e quipment. Of cou rse, you c an also use un balanced c ables. Ar range t he channels on e below the oth er in such a way. The conne c tion be t ween the rear jac k s is disabl ed when you ins er t a.

In the exa mple above, top- row channels 1 to 4 are f rom t he outp uts o f a. They are conne c ted, in this ex ample. Channels 5 and 6 are f rom t he subgro up outp uts o f a mixer and are conne c ted,. Audio sequ encer sof tw are recor ds the music sig nals direc tly o nto the hard disk. Chan nels 7 and 8 connec t t he sound card ou tput s to the 2-track. Since the r ear-panel jack s are conne c ted toge ther in the. In this way , you c an build.

You could, for examp le, connec t the keybo ard. So, before w iring. The n you will have a clear over view of all conn ec tions an d still. This allows you to t ake the signal f rom a mixer s channel. This i s called.

In the ex ample above, top- row channels 9 to 14 are the sends tip cont ac t. Outp uts f rom t he mixer send s can be t aken fro m jack A wit hout dis abling the. The mixer r etur ns can be u sed as e x ternal. However , they can also b e connec te d in. The mini- disc r ecorde r can reco rd other. This mode is f or sou nd module s or playbac k devices e. CD p layers that only. Y ou c an save space by rou ting the le f t and rig ht outp uts. A more ty pical s etup is to co nnec t. Looming th e wiring is an a r t its elf and it is wo r th the time to g et it rig ht.

Ins tead, sys tematic ally. It is t ypic ally bes t to connec t onl y one end of each sh ield to a central p oint and to. Then all e quipment w ill be grou nded via a. Some e quipment has is olated gr ounding f or the signals and t he mains.

In this. Always use patch lea ds that are as sho r t as possib le and have. Af ter eliminating t he mains hum f rom the s ys tem, make your cable loo ms fro m. Caut ions. Avoid routing dig ital signals ne ar a patchbay be caus e the pulse sig nal used f or.


Behringer PX3000 User Manual



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Behringer Ultrapatch Pro Px3000 Users Manual



Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX3000 User Manual


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